Mount Sinai has been found: 20 years of Biblical Archaeology in the desert of Exodus. The real Mount Sinai has been found by Prof. Emmanuel Anati at Har Karkom.
Emmanuel Anati:
Gordon Franz:

A major concentration of rock art was discovered on a mountain known as Jebel Ideid

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Mount Sinai has been found.


ACHEULIAN: A flint industry of the Lower Palaeolithic named after the site of Saint-Acheul in France. It is characterised by the presence of bifacial "hand axes". This industry is widespread in Africa, Asia and Europe. It is well represented in the Har Karkom area.

AIN: (Hebrew) water spring (also EIN)

"ANTHROPO-ZOOMORPHIC" STONES (OR ROCKS): This term defines natural boulders with peculiar anthropomorphic and/or zoomorphic natural shapes which appear to have been collected by early man. Frequently such stones have been retouched by man emphasising some of the characteristic features like eyes, nose or hand-fingers. In Har Karkom about 60 such collections of "anthropo-zoomorphic" stones have been detected.

ATERIAN: A North African stone industry named after Bir el-Ater in Tunisia, belonging to the Late Middle Palaeolithic. It is widespread over the Maghreb, the Sahara and the Nile Valley. It is characterised by flake tools which have notches and tangs, presumably used for hafting. At Har Karkom, Aterian-like tanged implements are recorded in several sites.

AURIGNACIAN: A flint industry named after the French site of Aurignac, belonging to an early phase of the Upper Palaeolithic. It is mainly characterised by blades with heavy marginal retouch and carinated steep end-scrapers. Different faces of Aurignacian are known in Europe and the Near East. At Har Karkom an "Aurignacian-like" industry is characterised by the above-mentioned type-tools, of rather large size. In our sequence it is considered as Early Upper Palaeolithic.

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Fig. 158a/b. Rock engraving called 'the eye that watches from the rock.' A large eye has seven lines arrayed from the bottom and seven from the top. (Site HK 36b; photo EA98: LVIII-5; drawing: HK Archive; WARA W06016, W06017).

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