Mount Karkom: 20 years of Biblical Archaeology in the desert of Exodus. Mount Sinai rediscovered by Prof. Emmanuel Anati.
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It seems possible to reconstruct the sequence of events that made up history and inspired myths

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Mount Sinai rediscovered


The research at Har Karkom is carried out thanks to the mutual effort of friends and colleagues. To them all we address profound thanks. Such cooperation has allowed us to carry on monographic studies. We mention in particular the participation of Prof. Aharon HOROVITZ, of the University of Tel Aviv, Prof. Eitan TCHERNOV of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Dott. Larryn DIAMOND (New Zealand), Dott. Giovanna DAVINI, Dott. Paola PIRELLI and Giorgio SAMORINI.

The expedition occurs in collaboration with the Antiquities Authority of Israel, the National Parks Authority, Israel, with the support of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department of Cultural Relations. For the years 1983-1985 economic support was received from the Fondazione Giovanni Folonari, Credito Agrario Bresciano.

The first expeditions were encouraged by the late Avraham OFEK, professor of art at the University of Haifa, then Cultural Attache in the Israel Embassy in Rome, Director of the Antiquities Authority, and of the Archaeological Survey of Israel. Special thanks are due for the constant collaboration of Dr. Rudolph COHEN, Vice Director and Regional Archaeologist of the Negev, Avi EITAN and Amir DRORI, past Directors of Antiquities. Occasionally archaeologists and technicians from the Antiquities Authority joined the mission. Thanks to the participating volunteers from Israel, Italy, and other countries. Dr. Sante BAGNOLI, president of the publishing house Jaca Book, has promoted the publication of volumes and the organisation of the expedition.

The logistics of the expedition were organized in the first years by Yaakov SHAVIT, then director of the Field School of Mitzpe Ramon. Recently the organisation has been done by the Camel Riders of Shaharut, and by Trucks from Tel Aviv. Coordination and catering in the field have been the responsibility of Sefi HANEGBI and Amir GADNAOR. Miki COHEN from Jerusalem and Will SETZ of the International Christian Embassy have been constant support.

Drawings of the finds, plans, maps, and other graphic works are done under the guidance of Arch. Luigi COTTINELLI and of Ida MAILLAND.

Permanent staff and heads of Sectors: Prof. Emmanuel ANATI, Daniel ANATI, Dott. Claudio BARBIERO, Ing. Flavio BARBIERO, Rosetta BASTONI BRIOSCHI, Sergio CASTELLETTI, Arch. Luigi COTTINELLI, Giorgio FORNONI, Ariela FRADKIN ANATI, Gino GIROLOMONI, Dott. Federico MAILLAND, Ida MAILLAND, Prof. Valerio MANFREDI, Candida ZANI.

The following scholars, technicians and members of the Centro Camuno di Studi Preistorici have participated in the field work and laboratory work (Italian if not otherwise noted): Dott. Roberta ALBEROTANZA, Dott. Sigfrido ANGELI, Arch. Alessandra ANGELONI, Dr. Charles BALDINO (France), Geom. Battista BARBIERI, Dott. Claudio, BARBIERO Dott. Giorgio BARBIERO, Michele BARBIERO, BASSANELLI Zeno, BELLASPIGA Lucia, BERGAMINI Aldo, Dr. Kristine BERGGREN (Sweden), Nunzio BRAGAGLIO, M. Grazia BRUNELLI POZZI, Fabio CANESTRARI, Massimo CAPPON, Dott. Maurizio CATTANI, Dora CAVAGNIS, Dott. Rosa CERACCHI, Tiziana CHIEBAO, Arch. Tiziana CITTADINI, Gian Battista COTTINELLI, Mauro CUCARZI, Giovanna DAVINI, Dott. Maria Leonarda DE SANTIS, Davide Avv. DE VIVO, Kate DELEVAUX (UK), Dr. Larryn DIAMOND (New Zealand), Vittorio DI CESARE, Christine DOERR (USA), Andreas D"RRER, Stefano FARINA, Margherita FASANI, Giuseppe FERRARI, Sueli FORNONI, Dr. Paul FREEMAN (USA), Alberto GIACOMAZZI, Giovanni, Maria, Samuele, Tullia GIROLOMONI, Arnon GOREN (Israel), Dr. Philippe GRIN (Switzerland), Prof. James HARRIS, (USA), Dr. James HARROD (USA), Melanie HATZ (USA), Avraham HAY (Israel), Dr. Dann HONE (USA), Gloria IKOSI (Cyprus), George KING Waller (USA), Barbara & Walter LANFRANCHI, Ing. Bertrand & Paola LAZARD (France), Sabrina LE CORVELLEC, Dott. M. Laura LEONE, Dr. Oded LERMAN (Israel), Piergiorgio LONGONI (Italy), Enrico MAILLAND, Dott. Bianca MALAGUTI, Lia MANGOLINI, Piero MARTINENGO, Luisa MAUPOIL, Olga MAUPOIL PIRELLI, Shawn McCORMICK (USA), Paolo MERCADINI, Dr. Guy MILETTO (France), Dott. Lina MUSUMARRA, Rev. Carlo OLIVIERI, Oscar PAPERI, Daniele PELLEGRINI, Arch. Graziano PIOVANELLI, Tamar PIPERNA (Israel), Luisa & Paola PIRELLI, Dott. Rodolfo POZZI, Augusta PUTELLI, Avv. Angelo RAMPINELLI, Carlo REALI, Arch. Yvonne RIAÑO (Colombia), Avv. Marcello RICHIARDI, Sara ROBINSON (USA), Patrizio ROMANO, Will SETZ (Netherland), Tamar SHABI (Israel), Arch. Luciana SICCO FAGGIOLI, Rowland James SMITH, (UK), D. Russell SMITH (USA), Beatrix STURNER (Switzerland), Patricia SULITA (USA), E. Martin STROM (USA), Audun TORSTEINSEN (Norway), Marcantonio TREVISAN, Paola VALMADRE, Vittorio VEDOVATI, Jeannine WARNOD (France), Nancy WISE (France), Pamela ZHAM (USA).

Other participants and volunteers have joined from the following institutions:


-   CAMEL RIDERS, Shaharut (Israel),




The present volume was written and subsequently updated in three different locations: at the Centro Camuno di Studi Preistorici, in Capo di Ponte (BS), Italy; at the Rockefeller Museum and at the Library of the Antiquities Authority in Jerusalem, Israel; and at the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, Paris, France.

Grateful acknowledgement for proofreading and correcting the English edition go to Ann Dybsetter (USA), Kathryn Pickles (UK) and Liz Nussbaum (UK).

Fig. 158a/b. Rock engraving called 'the eye that watches from the rock.' A large eye has seven lines arrayed from the bottom and seven from the top. (Site HK 36b; photo EA98: LVIII-5; drawing: HK Archive; WARA W06016, W06017).

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